MOTHER'S GARDEN is a two tiered restaurant.

The MAMMA MIA is the gourmand’s restaurant with full service. Located at the
second floor of the building, it has a set menu and reservation is required
beforehand for at least 3 hours.

The COURTYARD is a casual restaurant where people can walk in. This is the restaurant inside the covered court with a fountain and surrounding plants. It is also extended into the rose garden which has a variety of flowering plants dominated by rose plants.

Mother’s Garden also does functions and caterings for all occasions.


The menu for casual dining changes three times a year because most of its guests are frequent customers. The chef patterns it with the three seasons of Baguio, namely Rainy Season (July – October), Cold Season (November – February) and the Summer Season (March – June). Generally, the menu has salads, soups, pastas, seafood, chicken, pork and beef dishes of Asian, American and European Flavors.


This area is open for reservation and we offer set menus of seafood (salmon, halibut, giant scallops), poultry (organic chicken, duck), or meat (organic pork, beef from pastured cows, rack of lamb). These main courses are served with appetizers, organic salad, soup and a dessert of either home made ice cream, cake or fresh fruits. Prices may come with wine. Reservations must be done at least 3 Hours before the intended time with a deposit of fifty percent for first time customers


Explore the garden while waiting for your sumptuous food. We have a playing area for your little ones and even an arts and crafts area to challenge your creativity.  

A fine dining restaurant in Baguio City is where you can relax in peace, listen to the chirping sound of birds, view the beautiful scenery of Baguio City at the top of the mountain where you can watch fog rolling by like an ocean, enjoy your food made from organic ingredients, and where you remember the old good memories.

Mother's Garden

Casual Dining Menu

Salads & Soups

Seafood | Poultry | Meat

Pasta and Sandwiches

For the sweet tooth


Fine Dining

Reservations Must Be Done

3 HOURS Before Dine​

reserve your slot today!


Explore and Experience Fine Dining with Mother’s Garden and Restaurant, while we serve fresh and healthy cuisine for everyone to enjoy.

* minimum of 2 Persons per reservation

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