A Fine Dining Restaurant in Baguio City, where you can relax in peace, listen to the chirping sound of birds, view the beautiful scenery of Baguio City on top of the mountain where you can watch the fog cover the surrounding ranges like an ocean of clouds. Enjoy your food made from organic ingredients, and  reminisce the old memories.

Spend your next Lazy Day with us and have a taste of our Food fusion with Healthy foods served fresh daily. Fine dining and host your corporate events on our garden grounds with the beautiful scenery of Baguio that you will surely treasure. 


A two-tiered destination for food exploration. To have one casual place for people to enjoy great food that is more than reasonably priced for the C market and a Full Service Restaurant with fine food and excellent service. Having access to a good ambiance and activities for a unique experience, so a repeat of 75% may be expected.

Enjoy your stay and relax as you are greeted by the beautiful mountain ranges of Baguio along with  organic ingredients and imported goods to serve a different taste.

Casual Restaurant
Aims towards providing a good view and scenery of Baguio, reasonable prices and providing “C” class market menu favorites.

Full Service Restaurant
Aims towards Classic ambiance & Good view, Middle and High-end Menu choices to emphasize freshness and presentation and Excellent Service.

Beautiful Sight-Seeing
Viewing a breathtaking scenery of Baguio City from up Quezon Hill. Have a stunning morning city view to a romantic night city lights.

Maintaining the beauty of nature, a recreation of Baguio’s old days’ scenery, and the perfect spot to relax & spend your leisure from work.

Increase Brand Awareness
the Casual Courtyard for Casual Dining & Mama Mia for Traditional & Fine Dining.

Enhancing Skills
We always recreate and likewise reinvent, we encourage to enhance the skills of our staffs to provide the best services we provide.

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Explore and Experience Fine Dining with Mother’s Garden and Restaurant, serving you the freshest and healthy cuisine for everybody.

For reservations, we only allow a minimum of 4 persons.

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Mother’s Garden and Restaurant
Baguio City, 2600

Opening Hours

Thursdays – Tuesdays:
Restaurant Hours 11am – 9pm

Booking / Reservations 
Daily: Booking start 8am – 6pm

Restaurant Location:

Ferguson Road. Upper Fairview, Baguio City, 2600

Mobile Number:
(+63) 917 869 3623

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