Mother's Garden Restaurant

A Fine Dining Restaurant in Baguio City is where you can relax in peace, listen to the chirping sound of birds, view the beautiful scenery of Baguio City on top of the mountain where you can watch the fog cover the surrounding mountain ranges like an ocean of clouds while enjoying food made from organic ingredients, and remembering the old good memories.

Spend your next Lazy Day with us and have a taste of our Food fusion with Healthy options served fresh daily. Enjoy Fine dining and host your corporate events on our garden grounds with the beautiful scenery of Baguio as backdrop and let us provide for you an experience you will surely treasure.


A two kind destination for food exploration. First, a Casual Restaurant for people to enjoy great food that are priced reasonably and second, a Full Service Restaurant with fine food and excellent service. Having access to a good ambiance and activities for a unique experience, that will surely encourage you to visit again.

Enjoy your stay and relax as you are greeted by the beautiful mountain ranges of Baguio while savoring organic ingredients and imported goods served to offer a different taste.


The Courtyard
Dining tables are surrounded by plants and chirping birds while in the middle of the restaurant is the sound of flowing water from a Fountain. Seats forty guests comfortably for functions.

Mamma Mia
Second floor building for evening dinners because of its fantastic view of Baguio by night. Seats twenty guests comfortably.

Roof Deck
Open deck for evening bonfires and barbecues. December – April.

Rose Garden
An Arbor surrounded by rose plants of different variety. This area is mostly used for relaxing (reading, meditation, practicing mindfulness)

For active hands, clay, and Painting supplies available in this area


Area for learning seeding, transplanting, soil mixing.

Herb Garden
A variety of herbs used by the resto are planted here. A nice place to relax too.

Salad Garden
Different kinds of salad vegetables from a variety of lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, and cucumbers for the use of the restaurant

Citrus Grove
Lemons, pomelos, Dalandans, and calamansi are planted on one of the terraces.

Igorot Garden
Vegetables, dap-ay, an Ifugao house and some Igorot wooden carvings surround this area.

The Barn
Home of all the farm pets of  the owners. They love to be petted and fed. They also know how to pose when there is a camera.



Explore and Experience Fine Dining with Mother’s Garden and Restaurant, while we serve fresh and healthy cuisine for everyone to enjoy.

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