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Experience a real team building, take our challenges for every team, garden the right way and we will guide you through it, and we even hold cook offs, follow your instincts and win all the challenges.

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Mother's Garden Kiddie Packs take home giveaways, we share sweet candies to kids under 14 years old and below, for every visit and dine in our humble restaurant.

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Real Team Building

Mother's Garden has sponsored many real team building within our vicinity, from gardening competitions to cook-offs, we also teach and facilitate activities to experience the true essence of team building.

Mother's Garden is the perfect place to rebuild, refresh and get inspired by nature, the culture & arts, and recreating the old Baguio City!

shadow - TaraPh
shadow - TaraPh

Mother's Garden & Cafe

Quezon Hill Road2, Brgy. Fairview, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

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