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MOTHER’S GARDEN is a fine dining garden themed cuisine and a corporate restaurant on top of Quezon Hill overlooking the scenery of Baguio City. Is it today a lazy day? Well you and your friends can go and enjoy the fun and excitement that Mother's Garden can offer. The property is a 2000 square meters terrace, divided into a farm which houses ducks, chickens and pigs for children to appreciate natural living. There is the vegetable and Herb garden that is the sources of all the vegetables including potatoes as an ingredient for the healthy foods of the restaurant. The flower gardens are accents to soften the otherwise farm-like atmosphere. All these animals and plants including the flowers are grown organically. A PLAYGROUND for children is available. In this playground guest may also entertain themselves with planting and pottery

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Chef's Quote on Baguio

“Baguio used to be something you remember as this nice place to go to, not too many people and really cool. It’s not like that anymore. We have to do something about the place. I’ve got a lot of advice and help. When they see that you’re sincere, and they try to give you advice, do it this way, that way. Thus the birth of Mother’s garden.”

MOTHER’S GARDEN is an establishment that is practising zero waste management, conserves water by re-using kitchen water and rainwater for watering plants and cleaning animals pens. Chemicals are not allowed and only natural ways are used to clean, fertilize and avoid pests. SHE is beyond organic gardening leaning towards BIODYNAMIC gardening. The consultant for the garden is Dr. Jose Balaoing PHD Organic Agriculture who trains the farmers and inspects the animals and plants. The Executive Chef is Therese Jison who took culinary courses abroad and travels yearly to keep current on themed restaurants, gourmet cuisine and food fusion. Another partner, Heinrich Maulbecker, a retired hotelier, handles the service. For these three, MOTHER’S GARDEN is a retiree’s hobby and an opportunity to gain brownie points for the next life through their advocacy.

All three, Mr. Maulbecker, Dr. Balaoing and Chef Jison share their knowledge and expertise in honing HRM/ HRS and Agriculture graduates from faraway places of the north and the south so they may land jobs in high end restaurants and farms abroad.

Vision Statement

A two-tiered destination restaurant.


MOTHER’S GARDEN makes an obvious commitment to ensure that the final product consistently meets exemplary standard. Responsible and appreciable cooking techniques is utilized to ensure that the culinary component of the dining experience is of a uniformly excellent quality.

Unique Experiences

MOTHER’S GARDEN offers a unique experience,  through food, service, design, and the setting (ambiance).

Mission Statement

To have one casual restaurant reasonably priced for the C market and a Full Service Restaurant with fine food and excellent service and both restaurants having access to a good ambiance and activities for a unique experience, so  a repeat of 75% may be expected.

Local Favorite

MOTHER’S GARDEN distinguishes itself as a local favorite and also as a place of "character" in Baguio.  

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Casual Restaurant

Aims towards

  1. Providing a good view and scenery of Baguio
  2. Reasonable prices
  3. Providing “C” class market menu favorites 

Full Service Restaurant

Aims towards

  1. Classic ambiance & Good view
  2. Middle and High-End Menu choices to emphasize freshness and presentation
  3. Excellent Service

Learning Activities

Learning Activities

Learn the ancestors hobby and carried up until now. Learn how to use the traditional weaving machine, make a pot and Shirt Design Printing.

Beautiful sight-seeing

Beautiful Sight-seeing

Viewing a breath-taking scenery of Baguio City from up Quezon Hill. Have a stunning Morning City View to a Romantic Night Citylights. 



Maintaining the beauty of nature, a recreation of Baguio's old days' scenery, and the perfect spot to relax & spend your leisure from work.

Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

 The Casual Courtyard for Casual Dining & Mama Mia for Traditional & Fine Dining.

Enhance Staff Expertise

Enhancing Skills

We always recreate and reinvent, we encourage to enhance the skills of our staffs to provide the best services we provide.

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  • In the year 2009

    Quezon Hill Proper, Baguio City

    Chef Therese Jison acquired the 2,000-square-meter family property in Baguio. The land was originally bought by her mother. Chef Therese recalls that the first time she saw the property, it was overrun by illegal settlers. After winning a couple of court battles, she finally reclaimed the land and started to do something with it. 

  • In the year 2009

    How it started

    A small cottage with a garden and some animals at the sloping property was initially built. Pretty soon, Chef Therese Jison and partner Heinrich Maulbecker, former general manager of the Hyatt and The Manor, gave in to their friends’ request to put up a restaurant.

  • Apr 10, 2010

    Mother's Garden Restaurant

    “I opened the restaurant on April 10, 2010 because at the time, Baguio was known as the basura city so we lost the high-end tourists. Back then, I was already in the food industry, supplying meals on boats for island-hopping, mostly chartered by Europeans and an American diving company.”

    - Chef Therese Jison

  • Dine In

    For casual dining, there’s the open, breezy courtyard setting. For formal dining, there’s Mamma Mia on the second floor with its narra and mahogany tables, and family heirloom antiques that give an ancestral home ambiance, as well as glass windows for a postcard-pretty view of the surrounding hills.

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