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Mother's Garden promotes healthy living lifestyle, this month's best recommended from our menu is the Organic Salad made from fresh pick organic ingredients straight from our tilled garden soil.

What do our customers says about us?

Welcome to Mother's Garden and Restaurant

A Fine Dining Restaurant in Baguio City, where you can relax in peace, listen to the chirping sound of birds, view the beautiful scenery of Baguio City at the top of the mountain where you can watch fog that looks like an ocean, enjoy your food made from organic ingredients, and a place to reminisce the old memories. 

Mother's Garden is a place where nature, cuisine, arts & culture are balanced and, the perfect escape from busy lives and enjoys leisure. A time when it is just like a day you woke up and felt so free from stress, learn how to garden, have a taste of food made from organic ingredients, feed the animals, learn how to weave and try to make a pot too.

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Mother's Garden has gone into transformations in the past few years, a metamorphosis where the whole area including the restaurant embraced the nature, the culture and arts of Baguio. A place where you can spend your leisure from gardening, feeding animals, pottery making, play traditional Filipino games and reading books in a peaceful environment.

Filipino Cultural Games

Play Filipino games in our backyard, bringing back the best set of games in the old days of Philippines.

What is Sungka?

Sungka (pronounced SOONG-kah) is a game played on a solid wooden block with two rows of seven circular holes and two large holes at both ends called "head". - vtaide

Organic Gardening

Are you ready to garden? Mother's Garden readied it for you & experience organic gardening.

What is Organic?

Organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or ionizing radiation.

Farm Animal Feeding

Visit us and experience feeding our friendly farm animals in our beautiful garden.

Animal Feeding

Dine in and visit us, we guide you to experiencing how to pet and feed our farm animals, also our cute and cuddly dogs will welcome you in our themed restaurant.

Art & Crafts Workshop

Attend our art & crafts workshops and learn how our ancestors make their home decors before.

Arts & Crafts Workshop?

Mother's Garden has the equipment in making cultural art & crafts, pot making, art painting & shirt art design printing.